Scott's Spiel

Keeping Busy... Really Busy

Despite having completed only a fraction of my final teaching blocks before I (hopefully) graduate, my exposure to medicine has been rather limited thus far. However, the beginning of this week has marked a significant change. Yesterday, I endured one of my longest days since my intense exam revision period, and it went something like this:

- 8:00 am: Leave my flat
- 9:00 am to 12:00 pm: Engage in interprofessional activities with pharmacists (surprisingly better than expected; I reckon I lucked out with my group)
- 12:00 pm: Lunch break, followed by a stroll back to the west end
- 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm: Radiology lectures (not exactly my favorite part of the day)
- 5:05 pm: Quick chocolate bar pit stop
- 5:00 pm to who-knows-when: Attend a lecture on major incident management and participate in a debriefing session about a recent exercise
- 6:00 pm: Red Cross meeting
- 6:45 pm: The time I eventually left the other meeting to make it to the Red Cross gathering
- 7:50 pm: The time I finally departed from the Red Cross meeting
- 8:15 pm: Finally, back home

That's quite a packed schedule for someone who has only been showing up for a couple of hours a week over the past month. Oddly enough, I seem to thrive on busy days, and I strangely hope that my schedule remains this hectic for a while, starting tomorrow.

I'm holding high expectations for my next teaching block, which focuses on neonates. I'm determined to complete an audit during this rotation since it's a common post-qualification task, and I haven't tackled one yet. I'm also hopeful that I'll have the chance to experience some neonatal transport work in the West of Scotland, but that remains to be seen.

Outside of university, I've been preoccupied with several other activities:

1. I've been trying to release an update for my IPB mod.
2. I've continued my involvement in first aid for the Red Cross.
3. I've been attempting to produce a sophisticated booklet for an upcoming conference.
4. I've been sorting out the details for my elective.
5. I've been hitting the gym as often as my schedule allows (I've become quite fond of the 8-9 am slot!).
6. To balance out my gym time, I've embraced my inner baker and even brought a batch of cookies to work last weekend.

All these commitments have left me with little time for this blog (I apologize!). I'll do my best to keep it going, but my plate is undeniably full at the moment.